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With the proliferation of electronic devices and internet connectivity, eCommerce has become a powerful means to reach out to a geographically dispersed customer base across the globe. As per Friedman’s famous work “The World is Flat” – there is clearly a perceptual shift required for countries, companies, and individuals to remain competitive in a global market where historical and geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Business owners across the world have realized the compelling need to provide an online presence to their loyal customers to enhance, ease and extend the shopping experience. Customers like choices and online stores are great ways to offers choices. It brings the world of possibilities to the customer’s doorstep or rather to an electronic device.

What have fueled this growth are robust, secure, scalable online marketplaces and platforms that enable merchants to take their business online.What have fueled this growth are robust, secure, scalable online marketplaces and platforms that enable merchants to take their business online.

KLoc realizes the immense potential of creating an online store but understands that business owners are faced with a gamut of choices that makes it difficult for them to identify the RIGHT SOLUTION for their business.

KLoc, with its in-depth competency in various shopping cart platforms, advises clients on the platform to choose, the marketing strategies to adopt and the value added services to subscribe to so that the return in investment is high and the cost of ownership is low.

The platforms KLoc specializes in are:The platforms KLoc specializes in are:

  • Amazon Webstores (Secure, Scalable, Robust Platform from the most dominant player in the world of online commerce –Amazon – KLoc is an Authorized Amazon Implementation Partner)
  • WooCommerce (Simple, intuitive shopping cart for Wordpress powered sites)
  • Magento (A leading, feature rich, flexible and extensible Shopping Cart Platform)
  • BigCommerce  (Easy to use, SEO friendly, Mobile Ready Storefronts with great marketing and reporting features)
  • Shopify (Fully hosted online cart with flexible and secure features and worldwide acceptance)
  • eBay Stores (Popular, mature marketplace with widespread customer base and secure payment features)
  • Prestashop ( Simple yet powerful, Open Source Shopping Cart)
  • OpenCart ( Very easy to use, customizable Open Source Shopping Cart with a very intuitive admin backend)
  • (Popular marketplace that offers a branded presence to merchants)

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Amazon Webstores
Authorized Amazon Implementation Partner

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