Staff Augmentation


  • We boast of highly skilled IT professionals who persevere to not only meet but beat customer’s expectations. They have good academic and professional credentials and sound technical knowledge. Our company takes great care in sourcing talent and ensures that their performance is up to the mark.
  • We have a stringent hiring process to source only the best. We conduct our due-diligence and ensure that all credentials are authentic and the past employment record is impeccable. We take the responsibility of complying with the client’s terms and conditions to ensure a smooth induction and release process.
  • We have an automated back office system to take care of sourcing, invoicing, payroll and operations. We keep track of all the paper trails and ensure that the client gets all the information it needs on time.
  • We have a tight “customer satisfaction” policy. If for some reason, our consultant does not meet the requirement or leaves the project before completion, we will back fill the position immediately so as to cause least amount of disruption.

Key Benefits:

  • Low risk strategy since the whole process of sourcing talent is delegated
  • Overall reduction in cost since workforce can be ramped up or down as needed
  • No backoffice functions to support technical staff
  • No training costs unless proprietary technology involved


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