kloc offers shopify solutions


KLoc is chosen to be an enterprise level Shopify Partner

KLoc is chosen to be an enterprise level Shopify Gold service provider for India

KLoc offers Shopify solutions to a global clientele

KLoc offers Shopify solutions to a global clientele including US, UK, Australia, Far East, GCC and of course India

KLoc spearheads the migration

KLoc spearheads the migration of Amazon Webstores to Shopify and earns its spot as Shopify Expert in record time

KLoc is amongst the top 5 service provider for Amazon Webstores worldwide and amongst the top 3 service providers in India

KLoc also starts working on other platforms like Shopify, OpenCart and BigCommerce.

KLoc spots an opportunity in eCommerce and starts the eCommerce practice

KLoc builds a team to work on Amazon Webstores, Magento and WooCommerce
KLoc boldly decides to adopt OpenSource technologies in a proprietary software market

The market is flooded with proprietary technologies with high cost of ownership. KLoc decides to bring computing to the SMEs by choosing OpenSource technologies like PHP, mySQL and others that drastically reduces the cost of ownership and time of development. KLoc offers solutions to businesses in India and abroad. KLoc also starts working on Open Source CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress.
KLoc starts working with the world leader in visual computing technologies

KLoc starts working with one of the Fortune 50 MNCs providing a gamut of services including development, testing, support and more. This association continues to this day.
KLoc debuts as a service provider in India

KLoc decides to enter the nascent IT services market in India as it is considered an emerging market. Also, global enterprises realize the value of offshoring and start to take their work overseas especially to English speaking, skilled geography like India.